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August 10, 2011

FINALLY posted a new page to the LoZ: Mixed Up comic. And a new pic of Dragonia in the Gallery. Also theres a few chapters to a World of Warcraft fanfiction I wrote up on the Fanfiction page, I need to get the rest of it up there sometime >< Thats about all for now.

January 22, 2008

Have a new group shot picture for the front page. Might not keep it there but for now it stays. I've been wanted to do a big group picture of the Chaos HQ group for awhile so now that its done I gotta show it off alittle before I move it. Besides that nothing really new, just a few slight changes to cosplay and character info.

December 9th, 2007

Changed the Character gallery around and Updated alittle info on the Cosplay page. Also if anyone wants to link to the site I now have a banner.

September 4, 2007

Not much today. Added a new mini comic and a link to the message board is now on the front page. Thats all for now.

July 25, 2007

Ok, I pretty much spent the whole day working on the site. So heres a list of whats happened.

  • Updated and finished the Character Bio page
  • Created and updated the mini comic page
  • Finished the Gallery
  • Made a Convention report for Otakon
  • Updated my Cosplay page with new costumes
  • Changed and updated my Dollfie Page
  • Updated the About Me Page
  • Added a Links Page with actual link on it

I'm tired now....

February 20, 2007

Updated the cosplay, dollfie, and convention pages. Also made some slight changes on a few other pages, but nothing too big.

January 6th, 2007

Happy New Year!!! Added a Cosplay page and a page for my Dollfie Kyolite. Thats about all. I'll try to get more done...or something....yeah...

December 16, 2006

Rebuilding the site again, wish me luck ^^;

September 24, 2006

*blows dust off screen* ahem...yes....well....I'd say I'm sorry for not doing anything in so long but you've all heard that how many times now? Right anyways. At the moment I'm currently re-drawing and just re-doing my webcomic "The Last Hope" comic and site from the ground up. Once I'm done with that and have it all back in line, I'll try to get back to doing SOMETHING with this place.....I'm so lost....^^;

August 27, 2006

Updated Cosplay page with stuff from Otakon. And put up page 5 of LoZ:Mixed Up Comic

July 4th, 2006

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! And we have an UPDATE!!! Ok not much. I update the Cosplay page with a Con report from AnimeNext and a New group shot for ANext too. I also made a new Page for my LoZ: Mixed up comic. So check them out....does anyone still even come here?



Thats right, I'm not dead, just my soul. Yeah, anyways I'm yet again trying to bring this site back to life. I've done some work on the following pages:

Character Bios
Mini Comics

.......WHAT!? I just spent 3 hours working on this crap and thats ALL I got DONE!?!?!?.....ahem....anyway, yes thats it so far. I'm gonna try to do more soon though. Pretty much I need to make some new banners for the site sense I changed the name from Immortal of the Winged Beasts to just Chaos HQ. I also want to try and get some more art in the gallery, maybe make some new mini comics and get more character bios up. Sadly I'm sure MOST of you who still come here really want me to update the fanfictions. As we all should know, my new computer dosent have Microsoft word on it, so I have to use my old computer. And as we all still know, I got a new computer for a reason, my old computer has a mind of its own and as we stand I'm not even sure if it still works. I havent plugged it back in sense like....last halloween? But I'll try, thats all I can say as far as that goes. But for those who dont know and for those who were fans of LoZ Mixed Up, I start a comic version of the story on my Deviantart page. If your not a DA memeber and dont want to join then just hang around here a little while and I might get around to putting what pages I have done up here.

For those who still come here, I love you all. I'm so sorry I've been away from this site for so long. I really think I almost gave up on it, but I'll try harder this time, promise. ^^

Jan. 26, 2006

I've done some work on the site in the past few months. Not everything is up and running again though. But as for newer updates. I just posted some stuff about my cosplay group known as the cosplay crack crew, this would include two AWESOME music videos too. They can be found on the Cosplay page. Till next time, laters. ^^

October 10th, 2005

Obviously people have noticed that the site hasent been updated in a while. Well, its not gonna be updated for alittle while longer. I cant really do much till I get my premium service back. But on the plus side, I get paid this friday, so it shouldnt be too much longer. However, this brings up good news and bad news. The Good news *I guess its good* once I get the premium service back I'm gonna take down the whole site and re-do every page so everythings not so randomly thrown around. The Bad news, until all of this is done there probably wont be ANY updates, this includes Fanfics, art, F.E. sprite comic, and The Last Hope.

Now, depending on how long it will take to get my premium service back, I'd say the site should be back up and running around the 20th-23rd. I have off work on the 19th, so if I get the service back by then I plan to spend pretty much the whole day working on the site (if I get the chance to use the computer that is).

Also, if you have sent me anything like fanart in the past few weeks, please re-send it to me. My dad just restored the computer today and I found out that I lost all my files I save past June. So if you sent me something and you still have it save somewhere, please re-send it to me. And also, we should be getting DSL sometime soon, so my e-mail account and everything will most likely be changing. Right now though, I'm not sure when. If you do send me something, just incase, send it to my Yahoo account that I use for my adoption site. Just to be safe. Thats all for now, we'll just have to see what all happens.

August 24th, 2005

Updated the cosplay page with info on Otakon 2005. I'm also gonna try to update stuff this week, like the comics and crap but I dont know it I'll get around to it. See yesterday I went to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth Cut out, not pulled out, they had to knock me out and actually cut the teeth out. So needless to say I wont really be feeling like myself for a few days. But once the pain pills start kicking in I'll see if I can get something done.

July 21st, 2005

I just updated "The Last Hope" with a new comic page and two pics down in the Fanarts section. I also updated the Gifts page with an Artpad pic sent in by my friend zam. I've been really busy lately. Otakons still about a month away, but I'm trying to get my costumes done now so I wont be really rushed when that time comes. After Otakon though I should have more time, not sure. We'll see when that time comes. Later for now.

July 7th, 2005

Hiyas, yes I'm back. Well, I've been back for a few days actually. My cousin James is down at my house for a few weeks so I may not be able to find as much time to update. I will try to update as much as I can thought. Anyways, as far as updates go for now:

I just updated the Cosplay page with some stuff and a new page to "The Last Hope" is being worked on now, I'll try to get that up in the next few days.

Anyways, for the future (atleast for the rest of the summer). I've got a lot of cosplay things I need to get done for Otakon. Plus I've actually got stuff I need to do around the house now. I mom has a job now so with her and my dad working I have to do more around here. So with those and with having my cousin down here for a few weeks updates will be slow. I'll post what I can when I can. "The Last Hope" and "F.E." will just be updated whenever I can find the time instead of on their set dates. After summers over everything should calm down a bit and get back on a normal schedual. Till then, laters.

June 14, 2005

Ok, as I've been saying for awhile now. Tomorrow (the 15th) I'm leaving to go up to my cousin lauras house from which we will be leaving to go over to New Jersey for the Anime Next convention (nice graduation present, huh ^^). So obviously I wont be able to update anything at that time. After the con, which is Sunday, we will be leaving New Jersey and heading back to Lauras house. At that point I may be staying there for a few weeks or coming home, those details are still being worked out. So basically I'll be back by the 4th of July or sooner. Feel free to still use the Forums on the home page (yell at me if you want), the tag-boards, or even e-mail me (though I wont be able to read them till I get back). Anyways.....

What you can (hopefully) look forward to for when I come back.

  1. A new page for "The Last Hope"
  2. New page for "F.E."
  3. A summary of Anime Next and con pictures on the Cosplay page
  4. A Re-done character page and bios for my Original characters used in my fanfics
  5. And maybe, Just Maybe, some updates for Chaos HQ ^^;

See everyone in a few weeks if not sooner. BTW, if your at Anime Next keep an eye out for an:

  • Iruka (Naruto)
  • Erk (Fire Emblem)
  • Rina (Suikoden 2)
  • Kuroneko (Trigun)

Dont be shy just say hi ^^

June 10, 2005

THE SCANNERS FIXED!!!!! *happy dance time*

Readers of "The Last Hope" get your butts over there! Plenty of new pics in the gallery, and a new page!

As for the rest of you, I've got 2 new chibish pics in the Fanart/Comics page.

Also, I'm working on the Forums thingy on the home page. Hopefully I can have that fixed and working soon. ^^;

Now peoples, pay attention. Next Wednesday.... or would it...the Wednesday coming up.....the 15th! I'm leaving on the 15th to go up to my cousin Lauras (you guys should know of her by now, lol) house. From there we will be traveling to Anime Next, which is a convention over in New Jersey. We should be getting back to her house some time Sunday. But that doesnt mean I'll be back any time soon after that. I honestly dont know when I'll be coming back. So as for "The Last Hope", I'll try to update agian before I leave, but if I dont you'll all just have to wait alittle while longer. As for everything else, same thing. If I dont update anything by the 15th, you may have to wait awhile. See you guys after Anime Next. Also, for anyone interested, I will have a summary and what not on the "Cosplay" page of the site after Anime Next. Laters. ^^

June 6, 2005

Forum thingy on the home page. Yes, I made forums for the site. Check it out. ^^;

May 25, 2005

Nothing for the actual site today. This is just to explain to everyone whats going on with the scanner.

As I've said before, on May 3rd, my scanner broke...sort of. Truthfully, one of the programs wont work. Which the program that dosent work is one of the main programs I use whenever I scan something for the site (fanart, comic pages, etc.). I actually refuse to scan anything with out using that program, the pages come out ...just really freaking crappy looking. Though fixing one program shouldn't have been to big of a problem, it is. I've tried to figure it out, but I have no clue what I'd be doing. My dad cant figure it out. My mom knows nothing about computers (truthfully, neither does my dad, which would be one of my biggest problems). The only person we know who knows anything about computers is my moms friend. But she went on a buisness trip not long after the scanner screwed up and she just got back last week. Last weekend my mom talked to her and she said she might stop by either this Tuesday or Wednesday. Today would be Wednesday, and no, she didnt stop by. I'd say we can all give it atleast another week, in the sense that in about one more week if this things not fixed I'm gonna sell a freaking kidney and hire someone to come and fix it. This is really hurting me about as much if not more than you guys. I have no life, my life is drawing crap and posting it on this site. So yeah, I'm gonna go crazy....crazier if this dosent get fixed by next week.

May 15th, 2005

Not much. Scanner still broken. But I did re-do the look of "The Last Hope" page. Eh....thats about all. I'm overly stressed right now, so I'm gonna go to bed. Pray the Scanner fairy appears and fixes the scanner tomorrow. ^^;

May 9th, 2005

Scanners still broken, but I DO have updates. Updated up to chapter 21 in Melee Madness. Though its technically chapter 25 (as you'll see in the actual chapter because I forgot to change it ^^; ). Yeah, aparently chapter 21-24 are screwed up or something or somethings got screwed up...I dont know, I just know that I lost a few chapters that I wont be able to replace. I also found this artpad site thingy, so I made two pics for the gallery on "The Last Hope" page. I really need to get my scanner fixed, this is killing me.... ;_;

May 6th, 2005

Alrighty. Updated F.E. with 2 new pages. BTW, the zombie sprites were ripped by somebody named 'Grim?' I think at http://UNP.GJB.Net I think. I dont know, the person used some really strange font so I can really see it, but they said to give the credit, so there ya go. Anyways, I also posted some new banners on the Links page in case anyone wants to link back to the site and have a crappy little banner for it ^^;. I also changed Chaos HQ a bit, but nothing to big. I was planning on updating Melee Madness but the floppy is screwing up so I'm gonna try again Sunday. Besides that I think I'll just do some slight little touch ups around the site. Thats about all, laters. ^^

May 03, 2005

CRAPPITY!!!! Damn it.....bad news for "The Last Hope" readers. MY SCANNERS BROKEN!!!! Yes its true, sunday I tried to scan something, and it wouldnt work. Yesterday my dad took a look at it, he couldnt figure out what the problem was. So our only hope at the moment without paying big bucks is my parents friend. Sadly they havent even called her yet to see if she can come over soon and take a look at it. So till the scanner can get fixed, there will be no more comic updates and no more fanart. BUT, I will still work on the comic and fanart and such in my free time. So whenever my scanner does get fixed, I'm sure I'll have plenty to update with (hopefully). Believe me peoples, I'm not too happy about this either, but things happen. I'll see what I can do, (besides bashing the scanner with a baseball bat) ^^;

April 30th, 2005

12:06 a.m. and here I am working on the site. Yup. Anyways, awhile ago I found some sprites from Fire Emblem 7 (the only one us sad little americans have on the GBA at this point) and started making some sprite comics with them. After I made 7 randomly stupid comics, I decided, what the heck maybe I'll post them on the site. So I did. "F.E. Freakishly Entertaining" is now a part of the site. Also on the home page you should notice a new poll. PLEASE vote on it. The results of that poll WILL effect how often I update certain things. I know I havent updated my fanfics in like....yeah, a long time. But if say a bunch of peoples voted for Chaos HQ to be updated on the poll, then yeah, I would probably try harder to get the fics updated. Anyways, The Last Hope was updated again last wednesday, I'm still working on random fanart and such, I'm out of school on like May 29th or something, so I should have more free time after that. Also, people, please, my adoption site is dying. If anyone out there has any interest in kitty versions of anime/videogame characters. Please check out Fabbits R' Us and even if its a character you dont like, please request. Anyways, I'm off to bed. Laters everyones. ^^

April 25, 2005

As far as I can say, this lovely (rarely updated) website has now been up and running online for 1 full year!!! Well, technically its been alittle over a year. I actually dont know when I technically started the site (should have wrote it down somewhere ^^;). So I'm just going by the first entry in the guestbook, which was April 24th 2004, so along with not knowing which day I stated the site, I'm also a day late with celebrating it, lol. I actually thought it was some time in May, so I WAS gonna do something, but...yeah...I'm such a dork. ^^

March 1st, 2005

*ducks as bricks are thrown at her* Sorry, yet again, for the continuous lack of updates on everything that isnt the "The Last Hope" comic. I'm working on it...sort of. Ok, so the fanfics are still being covered with dust, I'll get back to that some day. Right now, besides trying to keep my comic updated on time, graduate high school, work on cosplay costumes, and many other things that Seem To Be DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!....yeah, I have been trying to make new, up-to-date, pics of my original characters. Once thats done, I plan to re-do the Original characters page, as well as get ride of "Realm of dragons", "la la land", "Realm of Darkness", and "Forest of Akishans". I've come to the conclution that those 4 pages are a waste of space, waste of time, and I just never really bother with them much. So I'm gonna just have all info on ALL of my characters on one page once thats done. Also, if you guys havent noticed I changed the music on all that pages (besides Chaos HQ and the Guestbook, they have no music). Just for the heck of it, see if you can figure out what game/anime (only 2 are from an anime, if you dont count the home page) each song is from. Besides the home page, I kind of already stated that that was from Naruto. Good luck on anyone who wants to try and name the songs. I'm gonna go get my butt back to work, I've got 50 questions due tomorrow for a stupid history test....I hate history...thats why I failed it last year. ^_^;;

January 24th, 2005

Updated with page 10 of "The Last Hope" comic. Havent really been able to get much more done because I'm trying to plan out a new set up for some of the pages on the site. I'm also going to be moving most of my fanart stuff to my Deviant Art site, so any new pics like that will probably be going there as well. Heres the link, I'll also have to link to my Deviant Art site on plenty of other places on this site. As for more updates, theres some new banners in the links section if anyone wants to use one to link back to the site. Now, I'm gonna go try to get some of this crap finished up. Later.^_^

January 16th, 2005

The Last Hope updates for now. Posted page 9 a few days ago. Today I added a new section to the Last Hope page. Its kind of a Things to come/Spoiler thing. There sketches of things or characters for later on it the story, but I just REALLY wanted to post them. You dont have to look at the pics if you dont want to. But if you do want to, go right ahead, knock your self out. Later.^_^

December 30th, 2004

Updates, actual updates, yay!! Ok, only two ^_^;; I was up till about 2 a.m. last night finishing up page 8 for the Last hope comic. And I just remembered that a few weeks ago I actually did get chapter 16 of Melee Madness done. I just kind of forgot about it. So page 8 of the last hope and chapter 16 of Melee Madness have been posted. Now I'm off to play DDR ^_^ my new years resolution is now to be on Heavy mode before summer so I can kick my cousins butts. Lol, just kidding, I love those guys. Later.^_^

December 24th, 2004

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I really seem to have no life if I'm updating ON Christmas eve. Sadly, I dont have much of anything for everyone. The next page of "The Last Hope" comic is being worked on, I just really didnt like how it came out so I wanted to re-do it, sorry. As far as fanfics go. The past week or 2 weeks I guess. Anyways, my english class had to read a book in which we had a test on each chapter each day. So one chapter a night. Well, with my lazyness I ended up spending the period in school which I usually use to fanfic typing on reading the chapters. But that books over. So as soon as I get my butt back to school I can start back with that....atleast until our mid-terms start....oh crap. I'll figure something out. As for todays actual update. I have two. The christmas tree on the Home page, and something I drew last weekend on the Fanart page. Enjoy and hopefully I can get my butt back to work soon. Which probably wont happen sense I'm getting DDRMax and many other games to Christmas....^_^;;

December 12th, 2004

ok here ya go:

The comic page and fanart page have now become one

2 new halloween costume pics (kind of late, but oh well)

Raven (original character) pic posted in the original characters page

The Last Hope (comic) has finally been posted, even though its crappy

and I dont think I did anything else....

November 24th, 2004

Uploaded Melee madness up to chapter 15. Sorry I dont have anything else to post. Maybe later today. I'm kind of in a hurry right now. Later.^_^

November 21, 2004

Ok, again its been a long time sense I've done ANYTHING to the site. And again, I still have nothing for the site. But for future info of things to come, please read the below information.

Fanart Updates

As far as fanart and what not, I have a few things (like 2 pics) that I've been meaning to post for a while, but I scanned them really cappily (nice word, huh) so I've also been meaning to re-scan them. I havent really had much time to make fanart updates because I've been busy with my adoption center (kind of). But mostly, I've been trying to work on a web comic I want to start at some point. I was going to do a web comic based on my fanfic "the last hope". And I still want to do that comic. But I've also been trying to plan a stupid random comic with my characters of Chaos HQ (Me, DA, Shadow, Amber, ect.). But I'll try to get some pics for people to check out soon.

Fanfic Updates

Ok......REALLY bad news about my fics. First off, I've had writters block forever. I seriously couldnt think of anything for Road Rage 2, and I know I've been lazy with posting Melee Madness, but I'll get around to that soon....I hope. But, as if the writters block wasent bad enough. I just hooked up my old computer (the one I use to type chapters) a few days ago. And I found out that for some reason, the screen was super blurry. I couldnt make out any of the words I was trying to type. I just managed to make my eyes hurt REALLY bad. And as I've said in the past, my new computer dosent have Mircrosoft word. So basically I cant type up any new chapters at home any more. HOWEVER, sense I'm still at school, and I have a free period every day. I will try to get more done at school and just use their computers. Bad news is, I have a 2 day week this week for thanksgiving. So I dont know if I'll actually be able to get a new chapter posted till after thanksgiving. If I had known my computer was screwed up I would have tried to update alot sooner then this.

Comic Info

As I already said, I've been trying to put together some web comics. My only problem is, I dont want to just have all the pages posted on one page like my fanart. I would prefer to have links that take people to a new page with the each page of the comic on a new page. BUT I dont know HTML code to save my life. So if anyone knows something that could help me set up a webcomic. PLEASE e-mail me and help.

Random Info

I have also been meaning to re-do the sites layout for a few weeks now. So expect a new look at some point in the future. And if anyone has any questions or anything to say about the stuff I just typed above. Feel free to e-mail me and tell me.

November 7th, 2004

 Ok, its been over a month but yeah....I dont have anything for you guys yet, sorry. Thing is, I just managed to pull my school grades out of the hole I dug myself so I havent really had any extra time. Anyways, heres the thing. Due to the HUGE lack of responces towards my fanfics, I'm at the point where I'm not sure when or if I'll be updating any of them. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, its just that I've gotten 0 e-mails or even a message in the guestbook about the fics. So as far as I know, no ones reading them. So why would I want to update something if no ones even reading it. So if your someone who actually is reading something then please let me know and I'll try to update. More news. For anyone who knew me back on, you might recall a story of mine known as "The Last Hope". Well, its still undecided but I might end up re-writting some of it and even turning it into a comic. Thats still undecided, but I am working on it. Thats about all for now. Later.^_^