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Welcome to Chaos HQ, home to all my fanfics. I'll try to, at some point, get all my fics up here. But till then, hope people enjoy whatever I can get up here. Keep in mind, most of  these were on first. So to new readers, some parts may be confusing, but still hope you all enjoy.

Also, if anyone wants to know when stories have been updated, just e-mail me and let me know. I have a group of people I already send e-mails too whenever my fics are updated so I can easily add you if you want. However, if you join, you will not just get an e-mail whenever the ONE story your reading is updated. You will get an e-mail whenever ANY of the fics are updated OR I have information about the fics to tell everyone. Also, after you join, if you wish to be taken off the list, just e-mail me and ask. The e-mails sent by me will have the subject Fanfic updates so it should be easy to guess who its from.


World of Warcraft Fanfiction

Title: WoW Story (Yes I never made a title for it, fail)

Summary: (Horde) Based off my Characters from World of Warcraft. Interpretation of their journey from Silvermoon, to Outlands, Northrend and more.

Important!!!!: MOST of my characters in this were named from characters from other stories. The characters in this story do NOT reflect the characters they were named after, they are NOT supposed to be the character they were named after. They are they're own characters. When I made my toons in WoW I was not planning on writing a story about them so original names were not important at the time, I also did not feel like renaming them for the sake of a fanfiction. ;)

Intro     Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Chapter 4    Chapter 5    

Chapter 6     Chapter 7

Zelda Fanfiction

Title: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mixed up     


Summary: This is a Humor story where the characters of OoT play out the game, BUT, as different characters. Basically, everyone switched around. DA, Shadow, and Amber are incharge of this story, so they kind of add there own twists to the story. Enjoy.^_^

LoZMU Ch.1.htm  LoZMU Ch.2.htm  LoZMU Ch.3.htm  LoZMU Ch.4.htm 

 LoZMU Ch.5.htm  LoZMU Ch.6.htm  LoZMU Ch.7.htm  LoZMU Ch.8.htm 

 LoZMU Ch.9.htm  LoZMU ch.10.htm  LoZMU Ch.11.htm LoZMU Ch.12.htm 

 LoZMU Ch.13.htm  LoZMU Ch.14.htm  LoZMU Ch.15.htm  LoZMU Ch.16.htm

 LoZMU Ch.17.htm   LoZMU Ch.18.htm


Super Smash Brothers Melee Fanfiction

Title: Melee Madness

Summary: A Random/Humor fic using the Smashers. This is, so far, the longest story I've ever written, and the most pointless. In this story the Smashers are forced, by me, to play a baseball game, play who wants to be a millionaire, truth or dare, a scavenger hunt, and a few other things. If your a new reader, I suggest reading the Intro chapter first, it might help you alittle. Also, I dont have all the chapters posted yet, but I'm working on it. After all, as it stands, this is a  29 chapter long story, so the rest of the chapters might take some time to get posted. Enjoy.^_^

MM Intro.htm  MM Ch.1.htm   MM Ch.2.htm   MM Ch.3.htm  MM Ch.4.htm

MM Ch.5.htm  MM Ch.6.htm   MM Ch.7.htm   MM Ch.8.htm  MM Ch.9.htm

MM Ch.10.htm  MM Ch.11.htm  MM Ch.12.htm  MM Ch.13.htm  MM Ch.14.htm

MM Ch.15.htm  MM Ch.16.htm   MM Ch.17.htm   MM Ch.18.htm   MM Ch.19.htm

MM Ch.20.htm   MM Ch.21.htm


Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction

Title: Road Rage


Summary: a Humor fic using the YGO cast. Me, Amber, Jyakyara (a friend) and her yami grap the YGO cast and make them go on a road trip with us. Very funny story, a must read for YGO Humor fans.

RR Ch.1.htm  RR Ch.2.htm  RR Ch.3.htm  RR Ch.4.htm  RR Ch.5.htm

RR Ch.6.htm  RR Ch.7.htm  RR Ch.8.htm  RR Ch.9.htm  RR Ch.10.htm

RR Ch.11.htm  RR Ch.12.htm  RR Ch.13.htm  RR Ch.14.htm 

Title: Road Rage Returns


Summary: A sequal to Road Rage. Everyone returns in this story, including myself (dragonia), Amber, DA, Jyakyara (now known as SD) and her yami Ziara. Shadow also joins us, but not just to torture the YGO cast. Surprise, we actually have something else to do in the story. Sadly, I dont have much planed out for this story yet, but I do have 2 chapters so far, so here ya go. Enjoy.

RR2.Ch.1.htm   RR2.Ch.2.htm  RR2.Ch.3.htm  RR2.Ch.4.htm  RR2.Ch.5.htm

Title: What DA does when shes bored


Summary: a one-shot, one chapter, humor fic about DA torturing the YGO Cast. Its pretty pointless but still kind of funny.

Bored DA Ch.1.htm

Final Fantasy 9 Fanfiction

Title: A Light in The Darkness


Summary: This fic is about Shadows past. Its only 3 chapters, mostly because its purpose was just to show what happened to Shadow before she came to Chaos HQ and HOW she came to Chaos HQ. Its one of my few NON-Script style stories, but its not that bad. Its pretty sad too.....

Light Ch.1.htm  Light Ch.2.htm  Light. Ch.3.htm