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Groups of random pictures of me and my friends at each convention.

Katsucon 2005    Kosaikon 2005    AnimeNext 2005    Otakon 2005    AnimeUSA 2005     Kastsucon 2006

AnimeNext 2006    Otakon 2006    

Otakon 2008

OMG that was FUN! Like really fun, like I wanna go back fun lol. So yeah, the fun part, trying to remember what all I did.

Lets see, thrusday. Waited for my dad to get home from work then he took me up to the hotel. People need to learn to carry their phones even if their going to the pool area of hotels so when people show up at the hotel they can get ahold of other people, hint hint. So eventually got into the room then I think we all went out for foods. After food I waited in line with everyone else so they could get their badges even though I didnt prereg, didnt really have anything better to do at the time though. After that I think we just went back to the rooms.

Friday woke up and got in line for reg, alittle over 2 hours later I had a badge. Came back to the room, got into Matthew and wandered around. Headed to my Fire Emblem photoshoot around 5:30 thinking I was late. Got there to find out the shoot wasnt till 6. Ended up having a pretty good amout show up. Had 2 very in character Sain cosplayers, they were so funny. 2 Serras, Florina, Fiora, Hector, Kent, some Marths, Ninian, so many more. And Matthew finally got some pics with a Leila woot! After the shoot got back to the room, hugged the crap out of Alex who finally showed up. Then we all went out for foods again.

Saturday got into Crisis Core Yuffie and wandered with Erin. Went to the artist ally and dealers room, got more stuff then I should have. Had about 3 people actually know which yuffie I was so that was awesome cause I really wasnt sure if anyone would know. Also ran into Jim in the deales room, sorry if I was alittle out of it Jim. <3  After dealers room we headed back to the hotel for food and water then went back to the con to catch the AMVs, think we only missed the drama ones. The AMVs were awesome, I havent actually gotten to see them at a con in awhile so that was cool. After that we wandered for alittle awhile then Erin wanted food but I was kinda low on money so I just borrowed/stole her room key and headed back there for what little foods I brought. Took alittle break in the room while Dar and Dani were getting into costume then went back to the con with them. Ran into Kat and Eric and eventually we all ended up playing Apples to Apples (I think that what it was?) over by the fountains, we even had a little midna cosplayer join us. Played that for awhile (midna left) then we wandered around to try and find food before the masquerade. Eventually ended up just getting food at the hotel restaurant when was actually pretty good. Got to the Masquerade, only missed like the first 20 skits lol. There werent many great ones this year, then again we didnt see the first half so gotta go youtube those haha. Went back to the hotel after, Dar and Dani kinda passed out. I was playing fire emblem till laura got back with Alex and Rich and then ended up getting me to come back out to check out the rave and hang out. The rave was smelly and hot so we spent all of maybe 5 mins there before going back to the fountains. Ran into Kat and eric again. They brought Tiff with them this time so it was nice to see her again, even if they were all kinda drunk. Hung out for a bit but laura started getting tired so Alex and Rich walked us back to the room and we went to bed.

Sunday, bleh I hate sundays. Not much really happened sunday. Packed up the cars, threw my stuff in dars front seat till my dad got to the hotel. We wandered back to the con, ran into peoples and walked around the dealers room. Dad eventually showed up, said goodbyes and walked back to the hotel with laura, dar and erin to get my stuff. Then said byes to them and headed home only to watch silly sci fi movies with mom and pass out early lol.

So all in all I had a blast, I didnt get to hang out with alot of people but it was nice seeing people that I havent seen in awhile.

AnimeNext 2008

Forgot to write a report for Anext so its been awhile but I'll try to remember what I can....which is pretty much nothing. I spent the night at Lyns house then her parents drove us up there Friday. Dar and Dani didnt show up till late friday. Pretty much everyone in my room was doing a skit besides Lyn and myself so we wandered around most of the con. The skits were pretty 50/50 this year. I only wore one costume (Matthew) even though I brought 3, cause I'm special like that. I kept getting tired really fast and didnt really wanna do much. You can blame that on any of the 3 reasons I've come up with. It had been almost a year sense my last con I so I was kinda out of it, I walked the dealers room about 5-6 times in one day on a concrete floor with not the greatest boots in the world, or the fact that my period started the second I got home so that might have been messing with me. But it was still fun even though I was dragging half the con. And its always fun to hang with friends <3

AUSA 2007 and Ohayocon 2008 (missed)

My first year ever missing AUSA. Sadly the Friday of the AUSA weekend we had to put our dog Jade down so I wasnt really feeling up for the convention. On the one side I wish I could have gone just to see my friends and have them cheer me up. But at the same time I knew I'd probably still be depressed and I didnt want to upset any of them. I also felt I needed to stay home and be with my family as Jades death was very unexpected. I do however plan to go to AUSA next year, that has always been one of my favorite cons I've been to.

Ohayocon would have been a first for me this year, and I was really looking forward to it. But unfortunitly I didnt find a job in time and I had no money for the con. Thats my 2nd year missing Ohayocon. Next year I swear I'll be there.

Otakon 2007

Otakon is always different from the other cons. Its always so big and so much is always going on I can never tell whats going where and whos doing what. But anyway, I arrived at the hotel thrusday an hour before my friends so I ended up playing my DS in the hotel lobby waiting for everyone to arrive. My friend Lyn and her friends Jamie and Josh showed up first. It was Josh's first con and Jamies second, but this was the first time I met them and I'm glad I did cause then ended up being really awesome and I really hope I see them again sometime. About 30 mins after they showed up the rest of the group got there and we moved everything to the rooms. Then it was food time so our large group of about 20 at this point headed to the Hardrock for some food. The Hardrock had some high prices but I'm still glad we went there cause we ended up running into our friend Wynne and her friends too. So at that point pretty much the whole crew that was at Otakon was in the Hardrock eating, lol. After food we all headed over to get badges for the pre-reggers, which I was not one of. So they got badges and I think after that we all just headed back to the hotel for sleep and randomness.

Friday morning Randy, Kelly, and myself got up to go get in line for we were the ones for forgot to pre-reg. Luckly the line was supper short for regular reggistration so we got back to the hotel in like 40 mins.  After that most of the group stayed in the room to work on their D-Grey Man costumes but I threw on Machika (version 2) and headed to the con with my cousin as Kos-Mos and Lyn. Laura (cousin) got stopped alot in Kos-Mos, the bum, lol. No one knew what I was cosplaying, again, crazy people need to read Immortal Rain. We ran into my cousins friends, she talked to them for awhile then we all headed to the dealers room. Later Lauras feet started to hurt from her Kos-Mos hooker boots, lol. So we headed back to the hotel room and she changed into Heather from Silent Hill and I changed to Selphie from FF8. Then it was back to the dealers room were we bought many things and spent a good amount of time just walking around. And while in the dealers room we ran into Alex, Rick, and his daughter Jess (OMG she stoled my name, lol). It was great Alex and Jess walked right past us and I saw them just didnt notice it was them then Rick walked next to us and stopped and he was like "......dont...I know you two...." and me and Laura both just kinda went "...wait...OMG ITS YOU!!!" hugs followed. Then he pointed us to Alex and I pratically tackled her, and vise versa. And Jess was dressed as a little Gaara, she was so cute, shes like 8 or something. So we hung with them for awhile then they had to take Jess home. After that I cant really remember what happened cause sooo much random happened at this con but eventually friday ended with Randy, Erin, and myself taking a 2 hours trip back to Dars house in NJ to pick up costume parts they forgot, twas fun lol.

Saturday fun time. I was moving kinda slow so by the time I got into Selphie everyone else had left for the con so I had to head there by myself. For those who dont know that was probably the first time I've ever walked through any con center by myself, and it just had to be the big one. I had to find the fountain area for the Crack crew photo we were gonna take, I got lost....3 times. Eventually I made it to the fountains and everyone was still waiting for Dar and Dani as they were dressed as Seth and Cain from Trinity Blood and were having trouble getting past the picture takers and stairs, lol. Eventually they showed up and we moved over to a almost empty corner for the photo, and corner that just happened to have Wynne and her friends in it, lol. So after about 20 mins we all finally got ready and everyone got in the picture for the group photo. Then we took the cracky photo in which I got to kill Kikyo (Erin) with my Selphie weapon o'doom, lol. After that the group kinda split into 3 and I became one of Dani and Dars bodygaurds. So after walking them threw the con alittle we all decided to go for foods to Hooters as they have bar stools there and stools were pretty much the only things those costumes could sit on. I just wish I could have got a picture of the people in hooters we those two walked in, lol. After all that we eventually got in line for the Cosplay contest. The skits we ok, some were strange some were great but nothing to awesome this time. Then came the walk ons. Dar and Dani had entered for this so Laura, Kelly and myself were sitting in our chairs shaking we were so excited. When they walked across stage the 3 of us started screaming but that walk on was nothing we were really waiting for the awards from the hall cosplay contest. So they started announcing the awards and they went all the way through craftsman with out dani or dar being called, the 3 of us were like "NOOOO, they were so cool how could they not win!!!". Randy then reminded us that they could still win a Judges award so they judges started. After the third judge gave his award we were bummed and Laura said "wouldnt it be cool if they had like a best of weekend, like best of everyone award and they won that?". Then the last judge started "I'm not a real judge but I have here a Best of Weekend award for (insert Dani and Dars full names)". We all screamed at the top of our lungs. They didnt win first, second, or third. They won BEST of WEEKEND!!! It was so freaking awesome. They second we saw they get off stage we all ran up to them fun hugs and congrats. Dar started crying alittle, it was so cute. So after that we all headed back to the room so the winners could change then headed back to the Hardrock to celebrate. Then it was sleep time.

Dah Winners Dar (Seth) and Dani (Cain)

Sunday came, we all got up packed stuff into cars then headed out to the dealers room one last time. Dar, Erin, and myself headed to the closing ceramonies, which was pretty cool. Got to see the winners of the AMVs too, that was awesome. After that my mom showed up at the hotel so I had to say my goodbyes and head home. I wish I didnt have to wait till AUSA to see everyone again, but that just means AUSA will be that much greater.

Animnext 2007

Not much to say for this con. I finished my Alviss costume just in time to take it, so yay there. I had a stomach ache ALL weekend which really sucked. I ended up only cosplaying Alviss for friday and Machika for the first half of Saturday. The masquarade was boring but there were a few good skits. Alot of my friends won awards in the hall cosplay contest too. I kinda wish I would have entered alviss in the hall cosplay, maybe next time. On the plus side of it all I went crazy in the dealers room. Got 3 MAR figures and a Phantom Plushy from MAR, Selphie figure from FF8, and 3 Bleach figures. All in all I dont regret going to ANext this year, but it could have went better. Then again Otakon in 2 weeks so maybe that will make up for it, lol.

Katsucon 2007


Thats right, Katsucon 2007 marks the start of my 3rd year of cosplaying, and I still havent got any better, lol. This con was a blast. I wasent even gonna go at first but my friend kinda 'talked' me into. I'm so glad she did too cause I had so much fun. I got to wear my FF7 Yuffie outfit with my Tifa-chan pimp buddy along with our AC outfits too. And we did Hachiko and Nana from the Nana series, that was fun. I also wore Toph again and got some pictures with my friends avatar group.  The hotel was kinda weird again with rules and stuff, but the con was still a blast. And I had tons of fun in the dealers room this time. I got a new bag with Anderson from Hellsing on it, very nice. I bought a 3 sword set with stand for only $30, also very nice. Got some manga, a few pins, keychains......oh yeah, and I bought A MASTER SWORD BABY!!!!! My dream has come true I am now the very proud owner of a Real Master Sword! I love it so much. I went to Katsu planning on looking for/buying Renjis sword Zabimaru from Bleach. But I ended up finding my dream sword, I've wanted a master sword for Ra knows how long, so Yay! And now, I'm gonna go practice my spin attacks, lol.

AnimeUSA 2006

Up till this point with conventions I'd say I've been pretty lucky. But at AnimeUSA this year my luck ran out. Thats right, friday night, I caught a cold. So besides me feeling totally crappy the whole weekend the con was a blast. I finished my Toph costume and got lots of attention in that. Sadly though I never got any group pics with with rest of our Avatar group, sorry Katie. I also got to wear my Mikoto costume from FF9, more people knew who that character was then I thought would know, lol. I missed the AMV's again, and we got locked out of the Cosplay contest, that sucked. But this con will forever be remembered for many reason. One, we got to stay in our own little condo so it was like our own little house with like 12 of the COOLEST people ever. Two, I got to meet the voice actor for Alucard (Hellsing) and Albedo (Xenosaga). Three, we had a super smexy dollfie stalking the guys in our room all weekend, lol. And four, I GOT A TOTALLY SMEXY RENJI FIGURE AND ZABIMARU KEYCHAIN!!!! YAY!!! So screw you cold, that was the most kick ass con yet! XD

Otakon 2006

Wow, just alittle late with this, hehe. Otakon rocked this year. There was less people, or it seem like it so you could actually walk around more. I only got around to wearing Advent Children Yuffie and Matthew (fire emblem) which kinda sucks cause I took like 5 or 6 costumes with me. And I ended up missing the Fire Emblem photoshoot, which I really regret cause it turns out it was awesome. But all together the con rocked. I missed the AMVs again though, gah! This was probably my last convention with AC Yuffie for awhile though. I love that costume but I think its time to put her away for a few cons. Oh, and I'm totally turning into a Bleach fan so I ended up getting some new Bleach stuff at Otakon, mostly Renji things.....mmm.....renji.....^-^

AnimeNext 2006

YAYNESS!!! One of THE best cons YET! Ok, basically if your a kingdom hearts fan you would have loved us. We of the Cosplay Crack Crew managed to cosplay almost ALL of the characters from Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and Chain of Memories. When we walked outside the Con basically stopped. People were following  our group as we made our way to the convention center just so they could take a picture. We even entered the hall cosplay contest and we WON! Our whole group, everyone in it went to the journeyman level just like that. I never entered the hall cosplay and now I'm a journeyman, THAT ROCKS!!!! Oh and As for my costumes. I was KH2/FF7AC Yuffie for Friday and most of saturday. Saturday evening I changed to Dirge of Cerberus Yuffie. Then Sunday I was Machika. Machika got alittle more attention then I thought so that was cool. One of the second best this for this con though, I had my 'Awesome Pointy Weapon O'Doom Version 2.0' with me and THAT got alot of attention.


Katsucon 2006


Katsucon this year ROCKED! I had my Advent Children Yuffie done and I was like the only one there, so I got LOTS of attention. I also got to hang out with one of my friends that I really dont see much, so we had a blast. I missed the AMV's though but I think I made that up my taking Pimp pictures as Yuffie with my Tifa buddy. We basically pimped ourselves out to every hot FF7 character we found, it was funny/fun. Sadly I wont see her again till Otakon *cries*

AnimeUSA 2005

AUSA Rocked. I got to wear my Matthew costume, and 3 people even knew who I was. My friends did an AWESOME Akatsuki group and an FF7 Advent Children group (with 2 of the clones, yay). And I got dragged to the Rave TWICE. I dont dance, so that was pretty funny. All in all, AUSA goes down as one of the BEST cons ever. Though I think it has to do with the fact that I didnt really care anymore about what people may have thought about me. I was so randomly stupid (more then usual) at this one. Usually I hold back alot, but this time I just let loose, and it was fun. Just hope I'm like that at the next con. I would type more about this one, but I just had about a half a page typed out and my computer kicked me offline, so screw that. I'm not gonna type all that out again, my fingers hurt too much. But yes, AUSA Kicked Ass and I wouldnt trade those moments for ANYTHING!!! XD

Otakon 2005

Alrighty, Otakon. Well first of all, the first thing that comes back to my mind when I think of Otakon would be "FREAKING HUGE!!!!" Otakon was held in the Baltimore convention center, the center had like 4 different levels, you could barely walk on all four levels. But it was still pretty fun. Our whole crack crew (or most of us) were in the same hallway of the same hotel, so we had like nightly hallway parties, lol. But back to the con. There were tons of people which equals TONS of cosplayers. I can prove how big Otakon actually was. I go to like or something and do a search for Otakon, I'll see pics of kick ass costumes on there and be like "HOLY CRAP, I DIDNT SEE THAT!!!!"

Continuing, lets move on to the AMVs (Anime Music Videos). I made it to the AMVs after they started so I did miss a few of them, but the ones I did get to see were great. A few of them though I saw at AnimeNext too, which was also great. I got to see the "Real Ninjas" AMV again, which is THE GREATEST NARUTO AMV EVVVVEEERRRR!!!! heh, anyways the AMVs were great. The Cosplay competition was another thing we all went too. Some of the skits were kinda stupid, but most were ok. Though one skit, for anyone whos seen Full Metal Alchemist, was REALLY sad. A group of people re-did the episode "cry of the chimera" or something as there skit. This pic kinda explains it:

As far as my costumes go though, things kinda changed. I ended up wearing my Mizuki for all of Friday, which was ok because people actually took pics of that one, lol. Saturday I was wearing Erk for the Unloved RPG photoshoot, then changed into Duzell later on. And Sunday I just put on Rinoa.

Yeah, so all together Otakon was pretty good, I got 2 things in the Dealers room this time. Yeah, I know thats odd for me but its true, I only bought at Chibi Iruka keychain and a little Dante figure. But my cousin laura got me a Shikamaru and a Gaara sticker, so I actually have 4 things from Otakon, hehe. And to top all of this off, we went to Hooters twice for food and my friend erik made us all watch this really crapy Hentai, lol. That hentai was so freaking stupid, I still laugh when I think about it. XD

Crack Crew Picnic

Yes, Crack Crew. That would be that name that my friends call ourselves. So yes, the weekend after AnimeNext about 20 or so Naruto cosplayers gathered at a park somewhere and ate food and took stupid pictures of each other. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I was Iruka, again, I need another Naruto costume lol. So I wasent in many pics. Though I did get ticked off at one point. Our Naruto, Kakashi, Jiriya, and 4th Hokage decided to take a pic together, and they didnt tell me about it. Do you dare tell me Iruka shouldnt have been in a pic like that!!! (helps if you know that characters ^^;) So that ticked me off. But to make things more interesting, Eriks evil plans that he failed with at AnimeNext, continued at the picnic. Thats right, he tried to 'kiss' me again. Sadly.....he was victorious, about 4 freaking times too! The first time he tried I blocked him, but after that I just said the heck with it. I hate the idea of Kakashi/Iruka yoai, but even I will admit that it was freaking funny. Besides that, and many other goofy pics, not much else happened. But after the picnic we all went to Tiffs house at spent the night. That was also very funny. Erik was a very happy boy in a pool with about 10 girls, lol. That was before anyone else got in. Those were some pretty fun days. I miss the crack crew and all our stupidness, lol. Otakon, here we come!!! XD

Animenext 2005

Alright, how was AnimeNext? Eh, it was ok I guess. The convention center wasent really set up very well, you could barely hear the cosplay skits, and the dealers room was ALWAYS crowded. But it was still fun. The Naruto photoshoots were helded out in a big grassy area outside one of the hotels. There were LOTS of Naruto cosplayers. Me and my cousin Laura kinda just walked off to the side at one point and took our own pics. For anyone who was there, at the first shoot we were the little Haku and only Iruka over by the trees, at the second shoot she was Anko and I was Erk from Fire Emblem. Speaking of my Erk costume, one person actually knew I was Erk. Sounds sad, but I didnt think anyone would reconize my costume. So to that person, THANK YOU!!!!! I really wish I would have hugged her now, lol. I was really happy when she came over and asked for a picture. One of the many joys of cosplaying, lol. Anyways, the first day I cosplayed Iruka (Naruto) (which I was the ONLY Iruka at AnimeNext, that was sad, lol), the second day I was Rina (Suikoden 2) in the morning then changed into Erk (Fire Emblem 7), and later that day I went back to Iruka. The Last day of the con I was just dressed in normal cloths, or as I like to call it, cosplaying an Otaku (I had a black bag with anime pins and keychains on it and I was carrying my Iruka plushie which had an Iruka pin on it). Of course on the last day of the con Erik (our groups Kakashi) kept trying to 'kiss' me and laura (Kakashi wears something over the bottom half of his face, cloth or something, so it was mostly entertainingly funny). He wouldnt give up either. He got laura a few times, but he never got me that day. I either blocked him, ducked, or pulled away when he got close. Sadly, it didnt end there, it continued on to the Naruto Photoshoot/picnic we had then next weekend. Read the summary to find out what happened. Anyways, thats about all for AnimeNext. However, just to show my stupid fangirlishness. Heres a list of things I bought at the Dealers room: Iruka plushie, Iruka pin, Iruka keychain, Iruka and Kakashi keychain (technically alex bought this for me, thankies alex-sama), Gaara keychain, Envy keychain, and an official Naruto forehead protector. Can you sense the fangirlishness? lol. ^__^

Kosaikon 05

Kosaikon was actually a heck of alot more fun than Katsu. Which is kinda sad because Katsu was 3 day, and Kosai was only for one day. But it was really fun. I got to wear my Iruka costume for the first time, that was cool. But basically the whole day was spent with our nicely BIG naruto group walking around doing stupid stuff and kidnapping other naruto cosplayers, hehe. We recruted quiet a few naruto cosplayers. We even did our own little photoshoot with all the naruto peoples. Twas very much fun.

Katsucon '05

As some of you might have heard, I recently went to Katsucon '05 in Virginia with my cousin and her friends. This was actually my first ever convention and my first time cosplaying. So heres some things about what happened.


Thursday is the day we left for Virginia. Friday was the actual day of the convention but we left thursday so we could get everything in the hotel taken care of. Once everyone arrived in the hotel and all our stuff was in the room we went searching for some food. Note: Never go searching for food if you dont know where your going. We left the hotel and walked around for over an hour searching for a Mc Donalds, only to find ourselves back at the hotel to later find out that when we left the hotel to find the Mc donalds, we went in the wrong direction. So after much more walking around, we ended up going back to the room and having some of the snacks and crap that some of us brought. But that wasent the end of that night. That night went on for awhile, eventually ended after many of us were running around in the hall way of the hotel at about 5 a.m.


Friday was a pretty good days. At around 9 I think Matt, Katrina, and myself had to go down and regester to get our badges for the convention. Note: Always pre-regester if you can, makes it SO much easier. Anyways, after that we returned to the room. While in the room everyone changed into their costumes and then we went walking around again. We ended up returning to our room to gather our things and move them to our NEW room. Yes, we had a few problems the first 2 days, lol. Once all that was done we went to go check out the AMV's, Anime Music Videos. Not much more really happened that day.


Ah yes, Saturday. Well Saturday I think was the day that most of the people I was with had to pratice their skit for the Cosplay thing. Note: If you ever get the chance, check it out, the skits are GREAT. So while they did that, Matt, Laura, Tim, and myself went to the dealers room. Which was cool, thats were you buy lots of crap, lol. Eventually we got to see the Cosplay skits, there were 30 all together. Some people that signed up just walked out on stage, showed off their costume, then walked off. Which that is what the whole Cosplay thing was supposed to be, but those who did the skits made it so much funner, lol. Anyone who might have been to Katsucon '05 and seen the skits, my friends were number 21, the Naruto group that did that band thingy...yeah, it was alot better then I just made it sound ^_^ But besides the #21 group, the last skit #30 was a Hellsing skit, and it Kicked A$$!!! So yeah, it you ever get the chance, make sure you see the Cosplay thingy...yeah....


Friday was the last day of the con. We all got up, got into costume (which I was wearing bits and pieces of all of my costumes, lol), then we went down to the dealers room again. In the afternoon, while waiting for my mom to come pick me up, we were all just sitting around watching a conga line of cosplayers go back and forth in the hall way (they were bored, lol). During that time some person came over and interviewed us on our experience at Katsucon '05, which was pretty cool. So if you ever happen to see a video about Katsucon '05 and theres a person that says something like "hi, I random person and I'm dressed as about 5 different characters right now" thats probably me, lol.^_^ After that, my parents arrive, I said my good byes to my fellow Narutards and we left the con. I miss those guys so freaking much, lol.^_^