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Title: N/A
Updates: N/A
Status: N/A
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Future project, tease tease tease. ;)

Updates: N/A
Status: N/A
Genres: Fantasy, Humor, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Horror, Chaos, Randomness...ect?
Rated: PG-13 (just to be safe)
Summary: Ever wonder where Chaos HQ came from, the character origins, the reason for the random? Yeah probably not. However one day, some day, you may find out if this comic actually happens.

Updates: Randomly
Status: Active
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Humor
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Alex, a 16 year old girl about to enjoy her summer vacation gets sucked into another world by a giant snake. Alex awakes to find herself surrounded by strange creatures, Elves, Faries, and for some reason they all think shes someone else. Misha, the priestess of the Shadow Temple and her two temple guards Midori and Lance explain to Alex that they need her help to protect thier world from the release of 6 powerful elemental creatures that someone has been tampering with. Alex agrees to help being that it may be her only option if she ever wants to go home.

The Last Hope has upgraded to its own website. To read please visit: here

Updates: Rarely
Status: In progress
Genres: Fantasy, Gaming, Humor
Rated: PG
Summary: Based off of my Fanfiction LoZ: Mixed up. The Zelda characters travel through the story line of Ocarina of Time once again but this time everyone seems to have switched places with someone else. Warning: This comic includes out of characterness, breaking of the forth wall, original characters, and pointless randomness. Some side effects may accure...

Chapter 1: I'm you!? Your me!? NOOOOOOOO!!!!

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Chapter 2: Coming soon...

Updates: N/A
Status: Canceled
Genres:  Gaming, Humor
Rated: PG
Summary: A 16 page long Fire Emblem Sprite comic I made many years ago. It is random, badly done, and pretty pointless but some people do seem to like it.

F.E. Freakishly Entertaining has been moved to its own website. To read please visit: here

Mini Comics

pg1  pg2 - This was done a LONG time ago but basically DA and Amber are playing a very strange fighting game.

pg1 - This a little filler comic I did back around Katsucon 2005

pg1 - Not really a comic but lately I decided to draw new pictures of everyone in Chaos HQ, DA wasnt happy to be last in line.

pg1- This is a little mini comic I made for my 20th Birthday.

pg1- I think this was around ANext 2006. Just some Chaos HQ and The Last Hope characters yelling at me to update as I run off to the con XD