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About Chaos HQ

Chaos HQ stands for "Chaos Head Quarters" which started back in my Fanfiction "Melee Madness". Chaos HQ was sort of the homebase for my original characters. They would do their plotting, planning, sometimes tourtue and basically just lived there. I loved the idea so much that I decided to base this site off of the Chaos HQ building. Each page holds different information much like the different floors of the building. Most of the site contains things based around the Chaos HQ world including character bios, comics, fanfictions, and art. The last few pages are more based around me, convention reports from past conventions I've been too, my cosplay costumes and even some pictures of my dollfies. Enjoy your visit to the site, any ideas or feedback feel free to comment in the guestbook, tagboard or e-mail me. I love hearing what people think, good or bad.

Within Chaos HQ

There are many different Levels of Chaos HQ. For those of you lost I give you a short summary for each lvl.

  • Home: The home page would be the front page. There you'll find a tag board, site counter, and the newest updates to the site.
  • Updates: The Updates page is nothing more then a log of all past updates up to the newest one.
  • Character Bios: The character bios are for most of the Original characters from the fanfictions and art you'll find here.
  • Fanfictions: This page holds most of my old fanfictions. Most are random humor fics containing some of my own OCs.
  • Comics: This page holds mini comics and webcomics based around Chaos HQ, as well as links to other comics I've done in the past or are working on now.
  • Gallery: The Gallery holds random art I've done of the OCs here.
  • Gifts: The gifts page holds gifts that friends and fans have given me over the years.
  • Convention Reports: Being a Cosplayer I go to conventions. This page holds my own reports of what I did at each convention I've been to.
  • My Cosplays: This page holds Costumes I've made over the years and ones I plan to make.
  • My Dollfies: I own 2 Dollfies. This page holds both of thier bios as well as a gallery for each of them.
  • About: This would be the page you are on right now. Hold my own Bio and info about the site.
  • Links: This page holds links to my other sites as well as some of my friends sites.
  • Guestbook: Feel free to sign.

About Me

Name- Jes (one 's', not Jess)
Age- 21
Eyes- Brown
Hair- originally dark brown
Height- 5"...something
Hobbies- playing videogames, watching anime, messing with my cat (playing), talking to friends online, drawing webcomics, reading webcomics, cosplaying, collecting swords, reading manga, making costumes.
Older Hobbies- Writting fanfiction, drawing anime and videogame kitties, drawing fabbits
Newer Hobbies- Playing online games, making dollfie outfits, playing with my dollfies.
Fav type of Movie, comic, and ect.- Action, humor, and horror. Usually not together.


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